August 2019

It is always lonely trying to solve one of the hardest problems in mobility by ourselves... with all the regulations, technical challenges, and public skeptics thrown at us, misery is often our only company! That is why when we find a like-minded team attempting to solve a common problem and are willing to work together with us, we feel energized!

Schaeffler is a leading global automotive and industrial components supplier headquartered in Germany. Founded in 1946, Schaeffler has demonstrated advanced technology concepts for personal mobility, such as the E-Board, an electronic skateboard-like device that comes with a control stick, and an e-bike equipped with an automatic bicycle gearshift system. Schaeffler's joint lab with Singapore's Nanyang Technological University studies various aspects of personal urban mobility and intelligent transportation systems for mega cities of the future.

We have been very fortunate to be introduced to the Schaeffler research team in the Singapore lab, where the excitement of recognizing kindred spirits has fueled an action plan to incorporate Schaeffler technology into the next version of Scootbee for greater safety and reliability. We are also honored to be invited by Schaeffler to their research and development center in Yokohama, Japan, to share our Scootbee experience with their leading experts under the banner of "Robotics meets Urban Mobility". Pretty cool, huh?