July 2019

In the course of running the Scootbee trials over the past year, we have received much feedback from our riders and engineers on how the Scootbee platform should be improved. We heard you! We put on our thinking hats, got down to work, and finally got to...

The new Scootbee!

While retaining many of the original features that set Scootbee apart from conventional two-wheelers in the market, the new Scootbee boasts of many improvements, such as:

  • New chassis that is stronger and lighter to last multiple rides, yet still keep under Singapore's 20kg scooter weight limit
  • Wider handlebars and larger wheels for better handling
  • Upgrade of the power system from 24V to 48V for a more efficient drive system
  • New sensors that make its self-distribution safer and more reliable