November 2019

When we first embarked on our Scootbee journey, many people thought that we were crazy. Two years on, they still think we are. =) But if there's one thing that we would probably do differently if we have to start all over again, it would be to pick another name. Many people thought we are either a subsidiary or namesake of:
Honestbee - scooters that can deliver groceries
Scootybees - scooters that can pick up kids
Scoot - budget scooters that can fly

Other than people, we deliver groceries too....

Well, it is time that we come clean. Scootbee is as related to these companies as Airbus is related to Airbnb.

The Scootbee team would like to thank everyone who has helped us in some way or another in our crazy journey to push first-mile last-mile commuting to the cutting edge. Of all the things we have achieved, we are most proud of the fact that out of the months of Scootbee deployment in live environments, nobody was ever hurt while riding or interacting with Scootbees. Well, almost... To those pedestrians whom Scootbee had unfortunately stepped rolled on your toes when getting too close, we offer our sincere apologies! (Darn, those sensors are really hard to calibrate...)

Scootbee in its current form will come to an end. As a small team from a small country with one of the highest urban living densities in the world, we deeply believe in self-distribution as a long-term solution to improve the cost-effectiveness of shared micromobility. So do these MIT researchers and CNN who cited us. This will be our last newsletter - we hope you have enjoyed our monthly newsletter along the way, which we have posted on the Scootbee website.